In  November of 1997 she returned to Florida to pursue  her own personal dreams of becoming an Interior Decorator and opened her own business for 4 years.  Her life experiences were tilting her towards the field of writing, so in 2001 she began exploring her possibilities. She became Internationally recognized by her artistry in 2005, being featured in the International Who's Who in Poetry. In 2006 her first book entitled "Patiently in Wait"
was published and later that same year Marquis Who's Who in American Women, Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World featured her biography for ten consecutive years. Her biography was also requested from Who's Who in Cambridge London and Montclair's Who's Who of Canada. Her second book entitled "Dinner Date" was published in 2008. Later that year the same year her third book and compilation," Power of Leadership...Becoming The Leader Others Will Follow". In 2012, she was included in the NAPW (National Association Of Professional Women) on Long Island, New York.

With all her accomplishments, she often reminds herself of a
quote "God grant me the serenity to accept the things
I can't change, Courage to change the things I can 
and moreover, the Wisdom to know  the difference!".

Donnamay Stewart was born on the exotic Island of Jamaica in the cool countryside of Mandeville, Manchester. For the betterment of herself; at the age of 5, she migrated with her family to New York. When the Author completed Malverne Senior High School on Long Island, New York, she moved to Florida to pursue her education as a Legal Secretary. Upon leaving Miami Dade College, she yearned to have the opportunity to reacquaint herself with the land of her birth. In March of 1986, she returned to the native Island of Jamaica to reside for the first time, where she then became an Entrepreneur in the Supermarket and Wholesale distribution business. In March of 1994, she gave birth to her only son Dimitre Andre Simpson, who she quotes" Is truly the reason why I take on the numerous challenges that I have! All the struggles and pains that I have experienced were all worth it, when I reflect on the achievements of my son and his accomplishments over the numerous years. This made me realize that each decisions I had made, eventhough very painful, were infact the correct choices!"